( On Sale Now! )Quarterly Suet Case Club


( On Sale Now! )Quarterly Suet Case Club

$189.99 $169.99


Join our Quarterly Suet Case Club. A dozen of bird’s favorite plump Fatty Cakes Suet Cakes delivered to your door every 3 months for 12 months. Each 3rd month you will receive another box of goodness from The Bird Seeder; a bird seed and feed extravaganza.

Quality and value are what set us apart. At The Bird Seeder we offer the highest quality bird seed and feeds at the best value. We use organic, fair trade, certified humane and/or non-GMO ingredients in our Fatty Cakes. All natural.

Whether you are an avid backyard bird watcher or you’re looking for a gift your mother, father or grandparents, or your loved ones for Christmas, birthdays or holidays, our Bird Seed of the Month will be very popular for the recipient and the birds they feed!

Join the Bird Feeder club (5lb of seed per month) or Bird Friend club (10lb of seed per month).


Love…delivered quarterly.