(12 Months) Bird Feeder 5lb Of the Month Club

(12 Months) Bird Feeder 5lb Of the Month Club


5lbs per month. Bird seed and feed extravaganza including only premium seed: party mix, finch feed, songbird seed, suet and/or hummingbird feed.  1 year.

No filler.  All natural.



Join our monthly bird seed club. 5lbs per month for 12 months.

Each month you will receive magnificent seed blends from The Bird Seeder; a bird seed and feed extravaganza. Quality and value are what set us apart. At The Bird Seeder we offer the highest quality bird seed and feeds at the best value. Our bird seed is hand blended and bagged by people who care about the quality of every seed in every bag. We use no filler or junk seed in our blends. All natural. All seeds.

Whether you are an avid backyard bird watcher or you’re looking for a unique or uncommon gift that keeps on giving to your mother, father or grandparents, or other loved ones for Christmas, birthdays or holidays, our Bird Seed of the Month will be very popular for the recipient and the birds they feed!

The shipments are in consecutive months. Orders placed after the 15th will start the following month.


Join the Bird Friend club (10lb of seed per month) or the Quarterly Case of Suet club.

Love…delivered monthly.

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